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Histologyequipment.com is the market leader in refurbished histology equipment. We sell new and refurbished equipment for histology and pathology laboratories with exceptional quality at the lowest market price. Our equipment specialists work with you to find the best equipment solution for your facility needs.

Shop our inventory of new and refurbished histology lab equipment. Histologyequipment.com purchases, restores and sells the highest quality histology, pathology and Mohs laboratory equipment on the market. Find deals on our new and refurbished microtomes, cryostats, coverslippers and so much more! Browse through all of our histology equipment categories to find the perfect piece of equipment for your laboratory.

Our Extensive Pathology Equipment Inventory for Many Lab Processes

Histologyequipment.com has an extensive online catalog of supplies for histology laboratories. We have a new equipment inventory with the latest industry models. We also have refurbished machine options for like-new equipment at a low price.

We have whatever product your histology lab needs in stock and ready to ship to your facility. Browse these laboratory supplies on our website:

Histology Supplies From the Best Manufacturers in the Market

Several manufacturers worldwide produce reliable, efficient and advanced pathology equipment and supplies. Histologyequipment.com sells products from many of these industry-leading companies. You’ll find equipment from these global market leaders in our inventory:

Why Choose Histologyequipment.com as Your Lab’s Histology Supplier?

Histologyequipment.com offers several advantages for histology laboratories. When you partner with us for your lab’s equipment needs, you’ll benefit from our:

  • Low equipment prices: You can order cost-effective new equipment or refurbished units for half the price of a new machine. Working with a Histologyequipment.com sales rep sets you up for the best possible deals on equipment in the market.
  • Reliable machines: Be confident your refurbished unit will work as expected in your laboratory. Every product in our refurbished inventory has undergone a thorough and detailed restoration. Our technicians have inspected, repaired, cleaned and tested your equipment for quality assurance.
  • Unlimited after-sales support: Maximize the value of your lab equipment investment with our after-sales support. We will ship and install the equipment in your lab and teach your technicians how to use it. Our technicians are available for maintenance and repairs.
  • Nationwide service and warranty network: Our refurbished products come with a one-year parts and labor warranty — the same as a new machine.

Order Lab Equipment From Histologyequipment.com Today

Histologyequipment.com is the industry’s trusted source for pathology equipment. We offer the newest equipment models, expert consultations and after-sales support, all for the lowest price.

Explore the various products on our website to see all your options. Get equipment for your lab by requesting a quote or contacting us online or by phone at 855-677-1210 for more information today.