Thermo Fisher Scientific New & Refurbished Equipment

After the merger of Fisher Scientific and Thermo Electron in 2006, Thermo Fisher Scientific was born. The company has established a reputation for producing high-quality equipment, including cryostats, centrifuges and microtomes. Learn more about the new and refurbished Thermo Fisher equipment offers.

Thermo Thermo Scientific Products

Thermo Fisher products are sold under the Thermo® and Thermo Scientific® brand names. The product options include cryostats, centrifuges, microtomes, embedding stations and stainers. 


The Thermo Scientific HM525 Cryostat was developed for user comfort and optimal performance. It's ideal for general pathology applications and Mohs surgery. The cryostat features a touch screen, which enhances its operation and ease of use, and intuitive software. Temperature controls range from 5 degrees Celsius to -35 degrees Celsius. A Peltier element creates a fast freezing station, and the machine has an automatic defrosting feature, plus manual immediate defrosting. offers a refurbished model, which comes with a one-year warranty. 


Thermo Fisher manufactures various benchtop centrifuges that handle various processing needs. The Thermo Scientific Cytospin® 4 Cytocentrifuge can handle 12 specimens simultaneously and accepts all previous CytoSpin protocols. 

The benchtop model is designed for easy operation. You can open and close the lid with one hand and view the process while the machine operates through a polycarbonate window.


Microtomes allow you to cut paraffin sections smoothly and efficiently. Thermo Fisher manufactures various types of microtome equipment, including the Thermo HM 325 Rotary Microtome.

The HM 325 microtome is manually operated. It's available as a complete system, including a user manual, waste tray and blade holder. Using the HM 325, you benefit from a precision micrometer mechanism, which allows you to operate the equipment on either the left or right side. It also offers zero-backlash vertical specimen movement and section thickness range monitoring.

We offer a selection of new and refurbished Thermo microtomes. Our refurbished models include a one-year warranty. 


Thermo Fisher also brings you a selection of slide stainers, including the Thermo Scientific LINISTAT™ Slide Stainer. The LINISTAT slide stainer is explicitly designed for use in Mohs labs. Its compact size means it can rest on top of a cryostat, minimizing its footprint in the lab. 

Thermo Scientific stainers help streamline your workflow. The LINISTAT has 14 staining stations and a 13-slide capacity collection tank. It can stain specimens in less than five minutes. If necessary, it also allows for hand-staining.

Embedding Stations

Embedding tissue samples into paraffin allows you to comfortably section them using a microtome. The Thermo HistoStar Tissue Embedding Station has a 5-liter paraffin tank and two temperature-controlled modules. You can adjust the temperature of the machine's elements through a touch screen user interface. The HistoStar also allows you to use unheated or heated forceps. 

In the Cold Module, you can use the temperature-regulated cold plate. There's also the option of linking the cold plate to the embedding module.

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Thermo Fisher Scientific has built up a reputation for high-quality, long-lasting lab equipment. Whether you choose new or refurbished models, has what you need. Contact us today for a quote.