IHC Stainers

Immunohistochemistry (IHC) stainers identify antigens in the cells of a tissue section. These stainers are essential to many laboratory workflows because they automate an otherwise tedious manual process. At Histologyequipment.com, we carry IHC stainers at competitive prices to make automatic staining available for your lab.

Refurbished IHC Equipment From Leading Brands

Our inventory of refurbished IHC autostainers features the Dako Autostainer Plus. Often called “the workhorse of immunohistochemistry," the Dako Autostainer offers user-friendly software and an open platform design for compatibility with other brands' consumables.

The Autostainer Plus has had various iterations over the decades, and Dako's instruments are relied on around the world in six continents. Experience consistent results with available antibody, optimization and staining support. Boost uptime in the laboratory and automate the staining process with the Dako Autostainer. 

We regularly purchase equipment to build out our inventory, so our selection of IHC autostainers is subject to change. We look for leading manufacturers like Dako to provide the performance your operation needs for the utmost efficiency.

Why Choose IHC Stainers at Histologyequipment.com?

At Histologyequipment.com, we provide the critical equipment that laboratories require with new and refurbished models to fit every budget. Our refurbishing process involves cleaning, repair and inspection to deliver a product that performs to industry standards at a much lower cost.

In addition to our refurbishment process, we have a team of equipment specialists that can help you find the right products for your needs. We understand the unique characteristics of our many machines and can recommend models based on your goals and workflow. Whether you need an IHC stainer or another critical instrument, our experts are always available. We'll also arrange shipment and installation at your facility.

After you've purchased a product from our site, you have access to unlimited after-sales support. Get the most from your IHC autostainer to boost uptime and leverage every feature. Our team can help you with questions related to operating your equipment as well as explain the maintenance process to increase the longevity of your purchase. The team at Histologyequipment.com is on your side as your laboratory equipment partner.

Get a Quote for an IHC Autostainer Today

The Dako Autostainer is a trusted machine for automating the staining process. With our experts involved in refurbishment, you can expect these products to perform to your standards. Contact us to learn more about our available stainers and get a quote today.