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Exploring Costs of Ownership of Histology Equipment

Think of owning histology equipment as an investment.

Learn how you can make the most of this investment and save money by shopping our online catalog.

Don’t let concerns over the cost of histology equipment ownership prevent you from purchasing high quality equipment for your laboratory. After all, the success of your laboratory depends upon the quality of the histology equipment you use.

High Quality Histology Equipment is a Huge Investment, but One You Shouldn’t Ignore

Purchasing new high-quality histology equipment is an investment, but it is one you shouldn’t ignore. Using high-quality equipment in your laboratory will produce results and data that you feel confident in.


Cost Factors to Consider When Purchasing Brand New Histology Equipment

The purchase price of histology equipment is just one of the expenses you need to consider. There are a number of other expenses that come with the cost of owning brand new histology equipment.

Some of the costs that you need to consider include:

  • Accessories and parts – often more expensive for brand new models and equipment because they are in higher demand and newer
  • Repair costs – should something happen to your equipment while working, you will need to find a repair technician who is experienced at repairing that particular model
  • Warranty – most new histology equipment come with warranties that can protect you from the unexpected costs of repairs should something go wrong. Warranties vary depending upon manufacturer and vendor but usually cover labor and parts for a specific time frame. Most warranties provide coverage for approximately a year. However, Tanner Scientific equipment comes with the industry’s only 2-year warranty that provides coverage for the cost of labor for 1 year and parts/repair for 2 years.

We offer competitive pricing on all brand new histology equipment in our online catalog. If anything should go wrong with your new equipment and it isn’t covered under warranty, our repair costs are about a third of competitors. Offering this type of competitive pricing allows clients to repair their new equipment without breaking their budget.

Used and Refurbished Histology Equipment is an Alternative Option

Unfortunately, purchasing brand new equipment isn’t always within the budget. Luckily, our refurbished equipment is just as reliable as brand new equipment, but at a fraction of the cost.

Used and refurbished histology equipment often works just as well, if not better, than brand new equipment. The only difference is the cost. Used or refurbished equipment can be purchased for a price that is often 50% less than purchasing brand new equipment directly from a manufacturer.

When purchasing used or refurbished histology equipment from us, you know that you are not only getting a good price on equipment, but you are getting equipment that you can trust.


Quality is Important to Us for Used and Refurbished Equipment

The quality of our used and refurbished equipment is important to us. We conduct a complete and thorough inspection of every piece of equipment that comes in. Any parts that have been found to be worn, broken or degraded are replaced.

Before any of our used or refurbished equipment is sent out to clients, we run a series of tests to make sure our equipment meets our standards for performance and accuracy.

How Our Used and Refurbished Equipment Helps Save You Money

Just like with brand new equipment, our used and refurbished histology equipment can help you save money after you make the initial investment. Some of the ways we help clients save money with our used and refurbished equipment include:

  • Accessories and parts are available for less – we can help you find accessories and parts for any of the used or refurbished equipment you purchase from us. If the make and model is still being supported by the manufacturer, we will work to find what you need.
  • Repair costs – even though we test and inspect every piece of equipment, problems can still occur. If your used or refurbished equipment breaks and is in need of repair, we can repair it for a fraction of the cost of competitors.
  • Warranty – almost all of the equipment we sell comes with the same warranty you would get if you purchased a new one. The industry standard warranty is 1 year coverage for labor, parts and repair. However, if you purchase any equipment from the Tanner Scientific line, you get the industry’s only 2-year warranty that covers 1 year labor costs and 2 years repair/parts.

Whether your budget allows you to purchase brand new histology equipment or if you are looking to save money and purchase used or refurbished equipment, we are here to help. We work with each client to customize their order so they get exactly what they want and need. Give us a call or email us to start working on your order and see how we can help get your laboratory the equipment it needs.

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