New and Refurbished Tissue Processors

Tissue processors prepare samples for further analysis by infusing them with liquids or paraffin wax. These solutions fix the tissue sample in place for support during sectioning with a microtome.

Mercedes Scientific has a wide selection of histology processors for tissue samples, including the most affordable models on the market. We have new and refurbished units with various features and specifications to support different laboratory needs.

New Tissue Sample Processors

The new histology processors from are valuable tools for sample preparation. Our inventory includes the latest models with cutting-edge technology to help your lab operate efficiently.

One of our new units is the DiaPath® Donatello Series 2 Tissue Processor, which has new tissue processing technology for user safety and high-quality results. The Donatello Series 2 processor supports:

  • Enhanced tissue processing: The Donatello Series 2 histology processor uses Bubbling Technology to mix reagents in the processing chamber. This mixing allows the reagent to penetrate the tissue sample better.
  • High productivity: The Donatello Series 2 can manage up to 405 samples with conventional processing. Its fast processing system (FPS) technology allows technicians to process small biopsies in less time.
  • Sample traceability: This unit has a barcode reader that stores information about processed cassettes. Researchers can use the 2D barcode to track specimens throughout processing.

Refurbished Histology Tissue Processors also offers refurbished tissue processors and accessories. Your lab can get a high-quality processor for half the price of a new machine. Our technicians have repaired, tested, cleaned and inspected every unit to ensure it's ready to go in your lab.

The Leica® ASP6025 is one of our popular refurbished tissue processors. This machine processes histology specimens efficiently, with features for:

  • Contamination prevention: The ParaLast system prevents contamination within the paraffin storage during xylene-free processes.
  • Sample integrity: The ASP6025 has built-in sensors to measure alcohol concentration. These measurements ensure the samples have the right sequence.
  • User control: This machine comprises an intuitive interface with setup and automation controls.

We also have these refurbished machines available:

Why Are Tissue Sample Processors Important in Histology Laboratories?

To study tissue under a microscope, technicians must section the sample without compromising its structure. Fresh tissue is delicate, so slicing the sample without preparation in a tissue processor can distort or damage the cell and tissue. Technicians with only one sample to analyze must preserve the sample as well as possible.

Tissue processor machines are safer to use, process higher quantities of samples quicker and create better quality sections than hand processing methods. Technicians need these high-quality slices to advance their research, and proper samples help doctors diagnose conditions in their patients.

Difference Between Tissue Transfer and Fluid Transfer Tissue Processors

Two main types of tissue sample processors exist on the market. These types have different mechanisms that offer unique benefits:

  • Tissue transfer: Also called dip-and-dunk, tissue transfer processors hold the specimen in a basket. These baskets move through a rotary carousel and transfer the specimens to another container for processing. Tissue transfer processors include quick processing and a high capacity of up to 100 specimens, which is ideal for small labs.
  • Fluid transfer: A fluid transfer tissue processor holds the specimens in one process chamber and pumps fluids in and out. The temperature, fluid circulation and vacuum/pressure cycles influence the processing quality. Fluid transfer units — also called enclosed processors — can handle up to 300 specimens, so they're common in large labs with lots of samples.

Why Buy a Tissue Processor and Accessories From

Ordering a tissue processor for your histology lab offers several benefits, such as:

  • Affordably priced products: Our new and refurbished tissue sample processors have some of the lowest prices in the industry. 
  • Consultation with an equipment specialist: We understand every histology lab has different needs. Discuss your equipment specifications with our equipment specialist, and they'll help you find the right unit.
  • Unlimited after-sales support: will ship the tissue processor to your lab, install it on-site and teach your team how to use it. Our technicians can also help with maintenance.
  • Warranty protection: Our refurbished histology processors come with a one-year parts and labor warranty — the same as a new machine.

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