New and Refurbished Microtomes

Microtomes cut very thin slices of specimens to create sections. Each section ranges from 0.1 to 100 microns thick, allowing light to penetrate them for study under a microscope. The microtome ensures researchers get uniform samples quicker than manual methods. has new and refurbished laboratory equipment including microtomes with warranty protection for histology labs. We have microtomes for sale from reputable brands like Leica®, Sakura®, Thermo®, Microm® and Tanner Scientific®. Our units are among the most affordable in the market, so you’ll get a great deal for your laboratory work and budget.

When ordering your new or refurbished microtome, don’t forget to stock up on your microtome lubricant and microtome blades for your new machine.

New Histology Microtomes for Sale

The new microtomes at have expert tools and cutting-edge designs to bring advanced microtome technology to your laboratory. Some of our new units include:

  • Tanner Scientific TN6000 Manual Precision Microtome: The TN6000 microtome by Tanner Scientific is an advanced microtome for paraffin sections and industrial, plastic and research uses. Laboratory professionals can cut specimens using the smooth handwheel and complete trimming in four steps.
  • Tanner Scientific TN7000 Semi-Automated Precision Microtome: The TN7000 microtome can create samples 0.5 to 60 microns thick. Choose from multiple cut modes to achieve the cut your sample needs. The specimen will retract with a backstroke, and an acoustic signal alerts when the sample is in the end position.
  • Tanner Scientific TN8000 Automated Precision Microtome: The Tanner Scientific TN8000 microtome features manual and automated modes for sample sectioning. You can add several optional accessories, like a quick load cassette clamp, illuminated magnifying glass or super-mega cassette clamp.
  • Tanner Scientific Cuttec S Sliding Microtome: The Cuttec S sliding microtome by Tanner Scientific offers precision mechanisms for various applications in routine and medical research. This unit is a fully configured device with precise specimen orientation, a waste tray and various accessories.

Refurbished Microtomes for Sale

Our microtome inventory includes several recertified units. They have been inspected, cleaned, repaired and tested by experts to ensure they operate correctly in the laboratory. Our refurbished microtomes come with a one-year warranty.

Some popular refurbished microtomes for sale include:

  • Microm HM355S Automatic Microtome: The HM355S microtome by Thermo allows you to cut quality paraffin sections at varied section thickness. This automatic rotary unit features a menu control panel to make exact settings and a foot pedal and joystick for easy operation. Choose between four cutting modes.
  • Thermo HM325 Rotary Microtome: The Thermo HM325 microtome is one of the most popular microtomes from this brand. This rotary unit works smoothly and efficiently for sample preparation. The retraction feature at the return travel protects the sectioned sample, and you can use the manual coarse advance to work faster.
  • Leica RM2235 Manual Rotary Microtome: The RM2235 microtome by Leica is a rotary unit used for manual sample sectioning. Use it for precision sectioning by using manual capabilities to control the sample preparation. This microtome features a low profile blade that easily sections hard materials.

Difference Between Automated, Rotary and Sliding Microtomes

Mercedes Scientific has three types of microtomes available:

  • Automated: An automatic microtome allows histology labs to prepare samples faster and more uniformly. The motorized feed can prepare samples from hard, thick specimens.
  • Rotary: Manual, or rotary, microtomes have a fixed blade and a moving sample holder. When the user rotates the handwheel, the sample holder moves toward the blade. These units are best for applications needing extremely thin sections.
  • Sliding: Sliding microtomes have a fixed sample holder and a blade on a slide. The blade is slid to the sample and passes through it for cutting. This type is best for regulating the blade pressure and cutting large sections.

Why Purchase Leica Microtomes From sells new and refurbished microtomes and other histology equipment for an affordable cost. We ensure your automated microtome will meet your laboratory's needs through a consultation. Our equipment specialist will work with you to understand your microtome specifications and help you find a matching unit.

When you contact us or complete a quote request form, we will arrange to ship and install the microtome in your facility. With our unlimited after-sales support, Our team will teach you how to use the unit and help you maintain the microtome.

Every new and refurbished microtome for sale is a quality unit reasonably priced. Our refurbished units are half the price of a new machine, and we offer some of the best deals in the histology equipment market.

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If your laboratory is searching for a microtome for sale, look to We have several rotary and automated microtomes from manufacturers like Tanner Scientific, Leica and more. From requesting a quote to installing the microtome, our team is available to help throughout the process.

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