New and Refurbished Coverslippers

Before lab technicians can examine a specimen under a microscope, a coverslip must be laid over the sample. Coverslippers are machines that automatically place a cover glass or coverslip film on microscope slides. This glass or film layer preserves the sample and prevents damage.

Without a coverslipper, technicians must place coverslips on the slides by hand. Automating this task is more efficient and allows technicians to work on more important tasks. has a wide selection of laboratory coverslippers for sale in refurbished and new conditions. We sell coverslippers from several well-known manufacturers, such as Sakura® and Leica®, for some of the best prices in the market.

Fully Refurbished Coverslippers

Get a coverslipper for half the price of a new machine with our refurbished coverslippers for sale. Our technicians inspect each refurbished coverslipper and clean, repair, and test them to ensure the unit works correctly in your laboratory. 

Choose from the following units:

  • Sakura Tissue-Tek® Glas™ g2: Our Tissue-Tek Glas g2 unit is a high-volume coverslipper with a throughput of 360 slides per hour. It is made for laboratories that need cover glass on their microscope slides.
  • Sakura Tissue-Tek 6400 Glas:Tissue-Tek 6400 Glas is a reliable and efficient coverslipper for high-volume labs. This machine is compatible with xylene, xylene substitutes and various mounting media.
  • Sakura Tissue-Tek 4740: Our Tissue-Tek 4740 coverslipper is one of the most efficient machines in our inventory — it can coverslip up to 1,080 slides per hour, load up to 60 slides and unload up to 240 slides.
  • Sakura Tissue-Tek 4764:Tissue-Tek 4764 is a film coverslipper that uses xylene to adhere the coverslip to the slide. Its throughput is 1,200 slides per hour.
  • Leica CV5030: The Leica CV5030 is an automated glass coverslipper that can handle any mounting media, including xylene-free kinds. Its throughput is up to 400 slides per hour, with the ability to manage different sizes of coverslips.

Stainer and Coverslipper Combo Units also has stainer and coverslipper combo machines. These units have:

  • A stainer to stain the specimen on the slide.
  • A coverslipper to apply coverslip film to a microscope slide.
  • A transfer station to automatically move the slide from the stainer to the coverslipper.

Combo units can stain and coverslip slides in one process to optimize your lab's workflow. Many of these models can perform routine and specialized stains with one or more protocols.

Our stainer and coverslipper combo machines include the:

Automated Histology Coverslipping Process

A coverslipper applies coverslips to microscope slides with a quick, efficient process. Here is how a coverslipper works:

  1. The coverslipper retrieves the microscope slides that need a coverslip from a slide rack.
  2. Before the cover film can be laid down, the coverslipper applies a coverslipping media. This media is generally a synthetic resin that adheres the coverslip to the microscope slide.
  3. The coverslipper applies the coverslip to the microscope slide. Coverslips are made from film or glass.
  4. The slide with the coverslip is moved to a rack for drying. The machine must execute this movement precisely to avoid crashing the slide and damaging the specimen.

When the slide is fully dry, it's ready for microscope examination.

Lab technicians need to complete these tasks to support the coverslipper:

  • Place microscope slides on the slide rack.
  • Load glass coverslips into the supply hopper.
  • Supply coverslipping tape for coverslippers that use it.
  • Restock coverslipping medium.
  • Remove broken coverslips from the work area.
  • Inspect the coverslipper annually.

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Get a new or fully refurbished coverslipper for your lab by browsing our options on this page. Click on the specific models to see their specifications. Request a quote for a coverslipper unit, or contact us to learn more.