New and Refurbished Slide Stainers

Slide stainers automatically apply colored dye, peroxidase, antibodies and conjugated enzymes to a tissue specimen following a specific protocol. The stain penetrates certain cell components to enhance the contrast between the different specimen parts. Stained slides emphasize the areas of interest in the tissue sample, making it easier for lab technicians to analyze under a microscope.

Without a slide stainer, a lab technician must apply the stain by hand. Manual staining takes longer and costs more, so using a slide stainer improves your throughput while maintaining precision. Autostainers are ideal for hematologic smearing procedures and histological, cytological and biological applications.

Find the Slide Stainer That’s right for Your H&E Staining

If your histology lab is looking for a new or refurbished autostainer, turn to Our inventory includes various options for manufacturers, features and specifications. You’ll get a reliable machine for the lowest market price regardless of which slide stainer you choose.

New Histology Autostainers has new slide stainers for sale for various lab settings. These automatic units make a productive addition to histology laboratories and can complete many types of tissue stains in histology, like hematoxylin and eosin (H&E), Gömöri trichrome, Gram and others.

Our new slide stainers include:

  • Cromatec H&E Stainer: One of our most popular slide stainers, the Cromatec H&E Stainer has a high throughput of up to 1,800 slides per hour and 20 stations.
  • DiaPath® Tiziano Automated Stainer: The Tiziano Stainer is designed for special stains and has a rack capacity of 10 slides. Choose from 25 preprogrammed staining protocols and edit them if needed.
  • DiaPath Giotto H&E Multistainer: The Giotto Mutlistainer has S3 software to determine the most efficient configuration for the reagent reservoirs based on the protocols. Technicians can run different stain protocols together.
  • Thermo Scientific® LINISTAT™ Slide Stainer: The LINISTAT Stainer is an automated stainer for Mohs labs. It has 14 staining stations and a collection tank with a 13-slide capacity.

Refurbished Histology Slide Stainer Systems has refurbished slide stainers for half the price of a new machine. Our technicians inspect, repair, test and clean each machine to ensure it's ready to perform. Refurbished machines also come with a one-year parts and labor warranty — the same as a new machine.

Our refurbished slide stainer inventory features:

  • Sakura® Prisma® 6130 H&E Slide Stainer: The Prisma 6130 Stainer is a flexible unit with several configurations available to support standard and special staining. The standard configuration has 30 reagent positions, and the expanded setup has 52 positions.
  • Leica® Autostainer XL: The Leica Autostainer XL supports H&E staining and can store up to 15 staining protocols. The machine has a throughput of up to 200 slides per hour.
  • Sakura DRS™ 2000 H&E Slide Stainer: The DRS 2000 Stainer supports multiple protocols to streamline your workflow. Its throughput is up to 440 slides per hour with 27 reagent reservoirs.
  • Rushabh HistoPro® 414 H&E Stainer: The HistoPro 414 is a linear stainer for H&E staining protocols in Mohs labs. Process up to 900 slides per hour with continuous loading.

Refurbished Histology Stainer and Coverslipper Combo Units

We also have autostainer and coverslipper combos for sale with a stainer, transport unit and coverslipper. The stainer applies the stain to the specimen, then the transport unit moves the slide to the coverslipper that lays cover glass or film on the microscope slide. After this process, the slide is ready for microscopic examination.

Staining and coverslipping require precision to make sure the slide is usable. Automating these tasks with a combo system increases throughput and enables technicians to work on more critical tasks.

Our coverslipper and strainer combos for sale include:

Why Choose an Automated Slide Stainer and Coverslipper System From is a reliable source for slide stainers and refurbished autostainers with a coverslipper. We have new and refurbished units available, all with advanced features at the lowest prices for histology lab equipment.

When looking for a refurbished autostainer from, you can consult with one of our equipment specialists. They'll understand your unique needs and help you find a unit with your preferred specs. We will arrange to ship the slide stainer and install it in your lab.

We offer unlimited after-sales support to help you get the most out of your autostainer coverslipper combo. We can teach your team how to use the machine and complete maintenance and repairs as needed.

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Choose for your new slide stainer. Our inventory includes several well-known brands and low prices for unbeatable deals.

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