New and Refurbished Cryostats

Cryostats store tissue samples at cryogenic temperatures for preservation and sectioning. In histology laboratories, cryostats enable scientists to obtain a thin sample for microscope examination. These tools help researchers create new treatments and allow doctors to diagnose their patients’ diseases and medical conditions.

Mercedes Scientific has a wide range of cryostats for sale. Our inventory includes new and refurbished cryostats at some of the lowest prices in the market. Learn more about our histology cryostat refurbished units to decide which will make your laboratory productive and effective.

New Research Cryostats for Sale

The new cryostats at make valuable additions to histology laboratories. Many models have interactive programs to set various usage options and streamline your analytical process. Our machinery also includes power-saving refrigeration systems to reduce the amount of energy used by 10% compared to conventional methods

Our inventory includes the following models.

Tanner Scientific TN50 Semi-Automatic Cryostat

The TN50 cryostat is a well-made cryostat from Tanner Scientific®. The modern semi-automatic rotary microtome can cut samples 0.5 to 300 microns thick. The microtome is intuitive and easy to use for sample preparation.

Samples are stored in a stainless steel chamber with 24 freezing positions. For consistent cryogenic preservation, the temperature ranges from zero to minus 35 degrees Celsius. Ask about our TN55 Model with Fast Freeze positions.

Tanner Scientific TN60 Cryostat with Object Head Cooling

The TN60 cryostat uses a smooth microtome for easy sample preparation. The stainless steel storage chamber has 24 freezing positions, two of which are quick-freeze positions to freeze samples between minus 50 degrees and minus 55 degrees Celsius. The UV-C disinfection system is standard with this model.

The dual compressors control these temperatures separately for accuracy. One compressor regulates the specimen to minus 50 degrees Celsius, which is ideal for hard-to-cut tissues like fat and brain sections. The second compressor maintains a chamber temperature of minus 35 degrees Celsius.

Our Refurbished Cryostats For Sale

The cryostat inventory at Mercedes Scientific includes several recertified cryostats. These refurbished units have been inspected, repaired, cleaned and tested, ensuring their reliability in the laboratory.

Our most popular histology cryostat refurbished unit is the Leica® CM1850. The CM1850 can reach a chamber temperature down to minus 35 degrees Celsius, with a quick-freeze shelf running minus 60 degrees Celsius.

We also have the following recertified cryostats in stock:

Advantages of Histology Cryostat Units

Cryostats are valuable equipment for histology laboratories. Benefits of cryostats include:

  • Easy sample preservation: Sample integrity is crucial in the laboratory. A cryostat preserves frozen tissue samples, so they're reliable for analysis.
  • Fast tissue sampling: Frozen tissue samples are easier to cut for analysis. Cryostats allow laboratories to freeze and section frozen tissues quickly to prepare for microscopy.
  • Rapid diagnostics: Preparing a sample with a cryostat takes around 10 minutes. Physicians can make diagnoses quicker, and researchers can analyze cells immediately with a cryostat. This rapidness can help patients' medical concerns and accelerate treatment research and development.
  • Lasting unit: Cryostats like the Tanner Scientific TN50 can last many years in the laboratory for excellent performance and a high return on your investment.

Refurbished or recertified cryostats offer specific advantages over new cryostats, such as:

  • Cost-effective constructions: The cost of refurbished cryostats is typically half the price of a new machine. The low cryostat price makes this critical machinery more affordable for cost-conscious histology labs.
  • Like-new conditions: We inspect and repair recertified cryostats and restore the unit to meet the manufacturer's specifications. The like-new condition carries minimal risk.
  • Eco-friendly solutions: Using a refurbished cryostat in your laboratory extends the life span of these tools. You can get the maximum benefits from your cryostat while keeping it out of the landfill.

Why Order Recertified Cryostats From sells exceptional cryostat equipment for an affordable price. We will work with you to understand your facility's needs and identify the best solution.

When you contact us or complete a quote request form for a cryostat, our equipment specialist will discuss your equipment needs and arrange to ship and install the cryostat in your laboratory. We will teach you how to use the unit and help you maintain the cryostat with unlimited after-sales support.

Whether you want a new or refurbished cryostat, you will get an excellent deal for a quality unit. Working with one of our sales representatives gives you some of the best cryostat deals available on the market.

We also carry a variety of oils, lubricants, parts, and more accessories over on our other website! Visit Mercedes Scientific today to order your equipment parts and consumables.

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