New and Refurbished Embedding Stations

Embedding stations — also called tissue processors, tissue stations, embedding machines and tissue embedding centers (TECs) — embed paraffin into tissue specimens. Tissues embedded in paraffin are easier to section, as the paraffin externally supports the tissue and keeps it intact during sectioning. has a vast inventory of new and refurbished TECs for sale, representing manufacturers like Tanner Scientific®, Thermo Scientific®, Sakura® and Leica®. Our embedding stations are some of the lowest priced in the market. With our brand options and affordable costs, your histology lab will surely find an embedding center that meets your needs.

New Tissue Embedding Centers

New tissue stations from have the technology and features to help histology laboratories prepare samples for sectioning effectively. Our new embedding center inventory includes the following.

Tanner Scientific TN1600 Embedding Center

The TN1600 tissue embedding station can effectively embed tissue blocks in paraffin while preserving the sample's integrity. As a complete embedding station, this model has a 3.8-liter paraffin tank, heated workspace and cooling plate to support the entire embedding process. Microprocessors regulate the temperature in each area for precision and stability.

Tanner Scientific TN1700 Embedding Center

The TN1700 tissue station by Tanner Scientific features a 5.5-liter container capacity and a generous working area to support paraffin embedding with large tissue sample quantities in high-volume labs. The three-component system has a dispenser, preheating unit and cooling plate. Technicians can arrange the modules to create different setups and program the working hours.

Refurbished Tissue Stations also offers tissue embedding stations refurbished to like-new condition. Our technicians have inspected, cleaned, repaired and tested each model to ensure they'll work as expected in your histology laboratory. Refurbished units also include a full part and labor warranty. 

Our refurbished paraffin embedding machines include the models listed below.

Thermo HistoStar Tissue Embedding Station

The HistoStar tissue station is the current model by Thermo Scientific. This tissue embedding system has two temperature-controlled modules with a five-liter paraffin tank, tissue storage tank and wax dispenser. Heated and unheated forceps are available for tissue samples. Technicians can control the temperature and other elements with the touchscreen interface.

Sakura Tec 4 Tissue Embedding Station

The Sakura Tec™ 4 embedding station suits histology labs with a standard workflow. It streamlines the tissue embedding process for efficiency in the lab. This unit features a cryoconsole and embedding console on one plane, allowing technicians to work smoothly in one setting. This TEC also has solid-state electronics for reliable results.

Sakura Tec 5 Tissue Embedding Station

The Sakura Tec 5 is a popular tissue station in histology laboratories. This compact station allows technicians to complete paraffin embedding and specimen orientation. Its features support efficient processes and enhanced control to make workflow quick and accurate. Technicians can arrange the modules for a left-to-right or right-to-left workflow.

Leica EG1150 Modular Tissue Embedding Center

The EG1150 paraffin embedding machine is one of the most popular TECs from Leica. This model includes the dispenser unit and cold plate to support the embedding process and improve specimen throughput. The work surface area is spacious for several cassettes and molds, and the storage tank holds three liters of paraffin. Technicians can control the process with a user-friendly LED screen.

Benefits of Histology Tissue Embedding Stations in the Laboratory

Paraffin embedding machines reduce tissue loss during processing, support orientation for sectioning and allow several small tissues to be placed in one block.

With an embedding station, technicians can:

  • Streamline workflow by embedding tissues efficiently.
  • Work on more important tasks by allowing the tissue station to manage paraffin embedding.
  • Save time with sample preparation to deliver tissues to microtomy sooner.
  • Standardize tissue orientation.

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