New and Refurbished Leica Histology Equipment

At, we carry instruments from a range of trusted manufacturers, including Leica®. As a global leader in automation solutions, Leica® provides critical instruments for biopsy, diagnosis and more with microtomes, cryostats and beyond. It’s headquartered in Germany and has built a comprehensive portfolio in cancer diagnostics. With years in the industry, new and refurbished Leica® equipment is machinery you can trust.

Leica® Cryostats

Cryostats are critical instruments for freezing tissue samples. Once frozen, these samples can be sliced and examined. A cryostat will keep the tissue frozen at temperatures ranging from absolute zero and -50 degrees Celsius for reliable sectioning.

We carry a wide range of Leica® refurbished cryostat. One of our Refurbished Leica® cryostats is the CM1860 — a high throughput model with an antimicrobial nano-silver coating and a unique blade holder for user safety. Refurbished models also include the CM1850, CM1510 and more.

Leica® Coverslippers

Coverslippers save time in the lab by automating the coverslip placement on sample slides. Leica® manufactures this high-performance coverslipper. The CV5030, which supports all common mounting media and most sizes of coverslips. Leica® also produces combination units that combines coverslippers and stainers, like the XL Autostainer CV5030. Enjoy the convenience of two critical functions in a single machine.

Leica® Microtomes

Microtomes enable lab teams to create extremely thin tissue samples that can be examined under a microscope. Leica® produces various microtomes, including automated models like the RM2255 and manual rotary models like the RM2125, Biocut®, and RM2235. The thin slices needed for tissue examination are often not achievable by hand, so a microtome is a histology lab essential. With our refurbished instruments, you can meet your workflow demands at a reasonable price.

Leica® Stainers

Stainers improve the visibility of different parts of a tissue sample through consistent H&E staining, and they improve throughput and efficiency in the process. Leica® stainers include coverslipper combos like the ST5020-CV5030 and standalone stainers like the Autostainer XL. Some stainers can automate multiple stains such as the ST5020 and IHC stainers like refurbished Leica® Bond®’s. Bond® 3 and Bond max both are great refurbished IHC stainers. The Leica® Bond® 3 is the best for current clinical demands. One of the antibodies we support for the Bond® 3 included, H. pylori also known as (Helicobacter pylori, H-Pylori, pylori, Helicobacter). Another Very successful antibody for the Bond® 3 is the Prame antibody. Ask us how our specialist can help optimize on your Bond® 3 or Bond® Max today.

Leica® Tissue Processors

Tissue processors are the most important item in any lab. Leica® offers several tissue processors, including the ASP300s and the Leica® Peloris®. Adding one of these instruments to your lab can automate the sample preparation process and reduce time spent on pre-examination.

Leica® Embedders

To effectively cut tissue samples, you must embed them in paraffin. With an embedding system, Leica® has a few to choose from. In order to complete the embedding process quickly and without error, we suggest the Leica® Arcadia® embedding console or the EG1150 embedding center. The EG1150  a spacious work center for laying out multiple cassettes, and the user-friendly operation allows lab techs of all experience levels to operate the system.

Shop Leica® Histopathology Equipment at strives to bring reliable instruments to laboratories that suit a range of budgets. Most of our Leica® equipment in stock is professionally refurbished with full cleaning, repair and inspection to deliver the performance you need. We also include a one-year parts and labor warranty on these machines. Explore our full inventory of new and refurbished Leica® equipment to find the right tools for your workflows.

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