Refurbished Histology Equipment is a refurbished equipment supplier for histology, cytology and Mohs laboratories. Our technicians inspect, clean, test and repair each unit to ensure reliability. Refurbished equipment has a like-new condition, is eco-friendly and costs less than new equipment. We also offer a full part and labor warranty for all refurbished tools.

Our inventory includes the following refurbished medical laboratory supplies.


Coverslippers place cover glass or coverslip film on microscope slides. Automating this task reduces the time a user spends hand coverslipping. These machines load and unload new slides continuously and can complete up to 1,200 slides per hour. This speed allows for quality with consistent placement with coverslips of any size. With our coverslippers, your lab technicians can focus on more important tasks and let the machine handle the tedious task of covering slides.

Some coverslipper models in stock include:

Coverslipper/Stainer Combos

Our coverslipper/stainer combination machines automatically add coverslips and stain to microscope slides, taking care of two tasks in one unit. The machine adds stain to the sample on the microscope slide, then transfers the slide to the coverslipper to add the coverslip.

Using a coverslipper/stainer combo streamlines your workflow by doing menial tasks for your technicians. Our refurbished coverslipper/stainer options include the Leica Multistainer ST5020-CV5030, Leica XL Autostainer CV5030 and Sakura Prisma 4740 coverslipper.


Cryostats use cryogenic gas and a freezing chamber to maintain a cryogenic temperature for sample preservation and freezing. The low temperature keeps the samples intact and makes it easier to section them with a microtome. Your lab can maintain sample integrity and get sections for microscope analysis.

The Leica CM 1850 is the most popular unit in our refurbished inventory. Other quality-made cryostats include:


Cytology equipment allows pathologists to examine the cells in bodily tissue and fluid samples. These physicians look for abnormalities and other characteristics indicating a medical issue in the patient.

Some types of cytology equipment include slide preparation systems and cytocentrifuges. The slide preparation system manages the dispersion, collection and transfer of the cells to the microscope slide. Cytocentrifuges concentrate the cells in fluids onto the microscope slide for staining and examining.

At Mercedes Scientific, our refurbished cytology equipment models are the Thermo Scientific® Cytospin® 4 Cytocentrifuge and Cell Solutions F50.

Embedding Stations

Our embedding stations embed paraffin into tissue specimens. Tissues surrounded by paraffin wax have the support needed for sectioning, so technicians can cut the sample without compromising integrity. These machines can hold multiple molds and cassettes to prepare for embedding and streamline histology labs' workflow.

Our refurbished embedding stations include:

IHC Stainers

Immunohistochemistry (IHC) is an immunostaining application. IHC stainers help you identify tissue and cellular antigens through the interactions between antigens and antibodies. This equipment directly transfers routine staining protocols from the bench. You can achieve consistent results and get support for staining and optimizing antibodies.

One of our IHC stainers is the Dako Autostainer Plus, one of the industry's most popular IHC stainers.


Microtomes are specialized equipment that cuts sections from tissues for microscopic analysis. A sharp blade passes through the sample at a predetermined thickness, which can be less than one micron. Different types and designs of microtomes accommodate various physical properties of samples.

Some refurbished microtomes in stock include:


Slide and cassette printers make labels to identify the specimen selection. After a sample has been sectioned with a microtome, the printer produces an identifying label. This identification means your technicians can work more efficiently and boost correctness.

Mercedes Scientific has the Vogel® EZ-Writer Manual Printer for Cassettes and the Manual Printer for Slides. These printers can be used with USB Windows Driver, LAN access, a barcode scanner or a computer.

Slide Stainers

Slide stainers add stain to microscope slides automatically. This standardized process reduces errors, saves time and money and frees your technicians to complete other tasks. The slide stainer allows you to see cell components under the microscope better for a more accurate analysis.

Some slide stainers we have available include:

Tissue Processors

Tissue processors prepare samples for analysis while reducing manual tasks. These machines can decalcify, dehydrate, stain, fix and more for processing. A tissue processor can complete several processing techniques to meet different laboratory needs.

Some refurbished tissue processors at Mercedes Scientific include:

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