Tanner Scientific New & Refurbished Equipment


Histologyequipment.com offers a wide selection of Tanner Scientific® new and refurbished equipment, including cryostats, microtomes, stainers and embedders. All Tanner Scientific equipment is manufactured in Germany and has a reputation for reliability and durability. Tanner Scientific also offers the only two-year warranty in the industry. Learn more about your equipment options from Tanner Scientific.

Tanner Scientific Cryostats

Cryostats freeze tissue samples, allowing them to be preserved, sliced and examined. The equipment keeps tissue samples at temperatures ranging from -150 degrees Celsius to Absolute Zero (-273.15 degrees C). 

Histologyequipment.com offers two Tanner Scientific Cryostats, the TN50 and TN60 models. Both models are intuitive and easy to operate. The cryostats feature a spacious stainless steel chamber, 24 freezing positions and an illuminated cooling chamber. The temperature in the cooling chamber can reach -35 degrees Celsius. 

We have both new and refurbished Tanner Scientific cryostats.

Tanner Scientific Microtomes

Before examining samples under a microscope, you need to slice those samples into thin sections. To do so, you need a microtome. Tanner Scientific engineers and manufactures various microtomes, including manual, semi-automatic and fully automated machines.

Tanner Scientific microtomes are among the most advanced machines available for sectioning. Whether manual, semi-automated or fully automated, the equipment is optimized for research, industrial, paraffin or plastic applications.

The Cuttec S Sliding Microtome from Tanner Scientific is designed for routine, industrial and medical research applications. It combines smooth operation with precise mechanisms, allowing users to create the best-quality sections. The Cuttec S Sliding Microtome puts user safety front and center, offering finger protection and a locking mechanism.

Tanner Scientific Stainers

The right stainer can vastly improve throughput and productivity. The Tanner Scientific Cromatec H&E Stainer offers unmatched modern engineering combined with ease of use. It allows for the continuous loading of racks with a maximum of 30 slides. Using the Cromatec H&E, you can stain up to 1,800 slides per hour. The machine also offers up to six washing stations and a compact design. A 7-inch color touch screen enhances the equipment's usability. 

Tanner Scientific Embedders

Before slicing tissue samples into thin sections, you must embed the tissue in paraffin. Tanner Scientific embedders streamline the process, allowing you to produce embedded tissues easily and without errors.

Histologyequipment.com offers TN1600 and TN1700 embedders. The TN1600 model was created with the needs of histotechs in mind. It has an ergonomic and space-saving design and provides a full embedding station, complete with a 3.8-liter paraffin tank, a cooling plate and a heated work area. An adjustable LED illuminates the workspace, while a user interface offers an intuitive control panel. 

The TN1700 model offers all the features of the TN1600 plus a 5.5-liter paraffin tank, which allows for larger workloads.

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Histologyequipment.com is proud to provide both new and refurbished equipment from Tanner Scientific. New Tanner Scientific equipment is sold with the industry's only two-year warranty, while refurbished equipment is cleaned, repaired and inspected to ensure reliability. Contact us today for more information and a product quote.