Tanner Scientific® TN6000 Manual Precision Microtome

  • Precision German engineering/manufacturing.
  • 2-year warranty.


Tanner Scientific® TN6000 Manual Precision Microtome

The Tanner Scientific® TN6000 Manual Precision Microtome ranks among the most advanced sectioning microtomes available. It is optimized for paraffin sections, as well as research, plastic and industrial applications.

Features and Benefits:

  • Precision German engineering/manufacturing
  • 3-component disposable blade holders
  • Smooth handwheel
  • Modern handwheel lock
  • Trimming function in 4 steps
  • Specimen retraction upon backstroke
  • Accoustic signal alerts at end position
  • Vibration free microtome base plate
  • Ergonomically located coarse feed wheel
  • Spacious, integrated section waste tray
  • A wide range of accessories

Optional Accessories:

  • Choice of High or Low Profile Blade Holder
  • Quick Load Cassette Clamp (Orientable)
  • Universal Cassette Clamp (Orientable & Fixed)
  • Standard Object Clamp (Orientable & Fixed)
  • Super-Mega Cassette Clamp (Fixed)
  • Foil Clamp
  • Illuminated Magnifying Glass

Technical Specifications:

  • Section Thickness Setting Range: 0.5μm to 60μm
  • Section Thickness Selection: 0.5 to 2μm in 0.5μm Steps
    • 2 to 10μm in 1.0μm Steps
    • 10 to 60μm in 2.0μm Steps
  • Trimming Thickness Setting Range: 10μm, 20μm, 30μm, 40μm
  • Horizontal Specimen Feed: 28 mm
  • Vertical Stroke: 60 mm
  • Coarse Feed: Manual
  • Specimen Retraction: Automatic
  • Horizontal Specimen Orientation:
  • Vertical Specimen Orientation:
  • Z-Axis Specimen Orientation: 360°
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 18⅞” x 24” x 13.75”
  • Includes: Handwheel and Waste Tray
  • Weight: 73 lbs (w/o Accessories)

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Additional information

Weight 73 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 19 × 14 in