Thermo Scientific HM525 Cryostat

Thermo Scientific HM525 Cryostat is ideal for Mohs. This cryostat is fully refurbished and includes a 1 year parts and labor warranty.


Thermo Scientific HM525 Cryostat

The Thermo Scientific HM525 Cryostat delivers high quality routine results comfortably and efficiently. Ideal for Mohs surgery and general pathology applications, this high performance routine cryostat features intuitive software and touchscreen for simple, efficient operation. The HM525 cryostat is fully refurbished and includes a full parts and labor warranty.

Technical Specifications

Chamber Temperature Control: +5°C to -35°C
Fast Freezing Station via Peltier Element
Depending on the Chamber Temperature: down to max. -60°C


Automatic Defrosting, Adjustable with Temperature Control
Manual Immediate Defrosting


Section Thickness Range: 1-500 μm
Fine Section Thickness Range: 1-20 μm
Resolution: 1 μm for 1-10 μm, 2 μm for 10-20 μm
Trimming Thickness Range: 10-500 μm
Resolution: 10 μm for 10-80 μm
20 μm for 80-100 μm
50 μm for 100-300 μm
100 μm for 300-500 μm
Specimen Retraction During Return Travel: 40 μm
Vertical Specimen Stroke: 60 mm
Horizontal Specimen Movement: 28 mm


Five-Digit LED-Display: Section Thicknesses, Section Counter, Sum of Section
Thicknesses, Remaining Travel to Front End Position and Chamber Temperature
Coarse Feed: motorized, graduated, single and continuous
Size of Chucks: 30, 40 mm (special sizes upon request)

Specimen Orientation

X- and Y- Axes: universal 8° with zero positioning
Z-Axis: up to 360°

Cooling Chamber Illumination

Sliding Window
Cutting Drive: manually via handwheel
Cutting Area
Horizontal Specimen Movement: 28 mm
Vertical Specimen Stroke: 60 mm
All temperatures refer to an ambient temperature of +20°C.

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