Dako Autostainer Plus

The Dako Autostainer Plus is a universal system enabling the direct transfer of routine staining protocols from the laboratory bench.

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Refurbished Dako Autostainer Plus IHC Stainers

The Dako Autostainer has been called “the workhorse of Immunohistochemistry” for good reason. Over decades, various models of the Autostainer have been employed in laboratories spanning 6 continents. From the largest chain reference labs to the smallest start-up practices, the Autostainer has been producing high quality results with unmatched consistency all over the world.

The Dake Autostainer features straight-forward software that makes it very easy to use. Featuring an OPEN PLATFORM design allows it to be used with any brand of consumables. This offers unparalleled versatility compared to other models that force you to use their expensive proprietary reagents.

Features and Benefits

  • Low initial investment and cost per slide
  • Easy to use software
  • No expensive, long-term reagent contracts
  • Open platform design allows the use of antibodies/reagents from any vendor(s)
  • Consistent results
  • Antibody, optimization and staining support available
  • Unmatched popularity among research and antibody development scientists
  • Reliable operation with minimal downtime compared to competitor instruments
  • Ability to offer the same quality product at the same speed as the industry giants

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