Avantik QS11 Cryostat

The Avantik QS11 Cryostat is top choice for Mohs dermatology. We have several fully refurbished cryostats including a 1 year parts and labor warranty. Contact us today for pricing and more information.


Avantik QS11 Cryostat

Avantik QS11 features microtome and blade holder design, an uncluttered control panel, and exceptionally smooth handwheel rotation – for unmatched precision, reliability and performance. The QS11 has a streamlined, efficient design that delivers a range of valuable benefits – and a higher standard of performance – to your laboratory.

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Technical Specifications
Chamber Temperature Control: +5°C to -35°C
Fast Freezing Station via Peltier Element
Depending on the chamber temperature: down to max. -60°C
Automatic Defrosting, Adjustable with Temperature Control
Manual Immediate Defrosting
Section Thickness Range: 1-500 μm
Fine Section Thickness Range: 1-20 μm
Resolution: 1 μm for 1-10 μm, 2 μm for 10-20 μm
Trimming Thickness Range: 10-500 μm
Resolution: 10 μm for 10-80 μm
20 μm for 80-100 μm
50 μm for 100-300 μm
100 μm for 300-500 μm
Specimen Retraction during Return Travel: 40 μm
Vertical Specimen Stroke: 60 mm
Horizontal Specimen Movement: 28 mm

Five-Digit LED-Display: Section Thicknesses, Section Counter, Sum of Section
Thicknesses, Remaining Travel to Front End Position and Chamber Temperature
Coarse Feed: motorized, graduated, single and continuous
Size of Chucks: 30, 40 mm (special sizes upon request)
Specimen Orientation
X- and Y- Axes: universal 8° with zero positioning
Z-Axis: up to 360°
Cooling Chamber Illumination
Sliding Window
Cutting Drive: manually via handwheel
Cutting Area
Horizontal Specimen Movement: 28 mm
Vertical Specimen Stroke: 60 mm
Handwheel Brake: mechanical
Transportation and Storage Conditions
Storage Temperature Range: -20°C up to +50°C
Operating Conditions:
+5°C up to +35°C (at a max. rel. humidity of 60%)
altitude up to 2000 m M.S.L.
for indoor use only
Floor Loading Requirements: 230 kg/m2
Power Requirements:
100 V/50 Hz, 12 A, +/-10%
100 V/60 Hz, 12 A, +/-10%
115 V/60 Hz, 12 A, +/-10%
220…230 V/50 Hz, 6 A, +/-10%
220 V/60 Hz, 6 A, +/-10%
240 V/50 Hz, 6 A, +/-10%
Internal Protection
Primary Circuits:
T5.0AH, 100-115 V
T2.5AH, 220…240 V

T0,8AH, 100-115 V
T0,4AH, 220-240 V
Secondary Circuits:
Window Heating: T2,5AH
CPU: 11 VAC/T0.5AH
Panel: 11 VAC/T0.5AH
Stepping Motor/Valve: 24 VAC/T2.5AH
Fast Freezing Station: 2.3/8 VAC/T8.0AH
Pollution Degree: 2
Overvoltage Category: II
Sound Pressure: 45 dB(A), measured with 1 m distance to the instrument
Fluids and Gases:
Cooling Agent: R404a
Filling Amount:
100-120 V: 250 g
220-240 V: 230 g
Width (w/o handwheel): 640 mm
Depth: 760 mm
Height: 1200 mm
Weight: 143 kg (depending on the model)
All temperatures refer to an ambient temperature of +20°C!

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