Leica® CM1950 Cryostat – Refurbished

The Leica® CM1950 is the ideal cryostat for laboratories with a large number of specimens and varying specimen types. This cryostat is fully refurbished and includes a 1 year parts and labor warranty. Contact us today for pricing or more information.


Leica® CM1950 Cryostat

This Leica® CM1950 is a fully refurbished cryostat in great condition. The Leica® CM1950 cryostat provides sufficient space to organize your tools, freezing media and glass slides.

  • Totally refurbished!
  • Full parts and labor warranty

Product Features

  • Large freezing stage with numbered positions
  • Additional tool trays
  • Spacious, easy accessible storage area on top of the instrument
  • Optional vacuum system in combination with an anti-roll guide assists the user with section flattening
  • Can be ordered with a motor drive for fast and efficient sectioning of large numbers of specimen
  • CE blade holder for high- and low-profile disposable blades provides for a large clamping surface and supports reproducible section quality
  • CryoZone system creates a zone of uniformly cool air around specimen and blade
  • Bright and glare-free LED illumination helps you clearly seeing the specimen during sectioning

Technical Specifications:

  • Operating Temperature Range: 18°C to 35°C
  • Maximum Specimen Size: 50 x 80 mm
  • Electric Coarse Feed
  • Slow: 300 μm/s, in 20 μm steps
  • Fast: 900 μm/s


  • Width (with handwheel): 835 mm
  • Depth (cabinet only): 850 mm
  • Height (total): 1215 mm
  • Working Height (armrest): 1025 mm
  • Weight (w/motor and suct.): 193 kg

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Additional information

Weight 425.5 lbs
Dimensions 33 × 34 × 48 in