Leica® Reichert Jung® Cryocut 1800 Cryostat – Refurbished

The Leica® Reichert Jung® Cryocut 1800 Cryostat is the precursor to the CM1800, the most popular crystat in existence.  It is a workhorse and it won’t let you down. We have Cryocut 1800’s  available fully restored with a 1 year parts and labor warranty. Contact us today for a quote.


Leica® Reichert Jung® Cryocut 1800 Cryostat

This cryostat is fully refurbished with thorough and detailed restoration. It includes a one year parts and labor warranty, same as manufacturer. Contact us today for current pricing and more information on the Leica® CM1900 cryostat.


  • Fully refurbished
  • Parts and labor warranty
  • Spacious cryochamber with heated sliding window
  • Enhanced insulation for better temperature control
  • Rapid specimen freezing
  • High or low profile blade holder

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Section Thickness Setting 1 to 60um
Maximum Specimen Size 55mm
Horizontal Specimen Feed 25mm
Vertical Specimen Stroke 59mm
Trimming via motorized coarse feed
Motorized Coarse Feed 2 speeds
Temperature Setting Range 0 C to -35 C
Cooling Down Time to -35 C 4h
Defrosting Programmable
Freezing Shelf Temperature down to -45 C
Dimensions (L x H x D) 670 x 1165 x 695 mm
Weight (incl. microtome) 125 kg

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Weight 180 lbs